"Arestin" for gum disease

How ARESTIN® Microspheres Work

ARESTIN® is a powder that contains the antibiotic minocycline Hydrochloride, or minocycline HCl, embedded in a polymer base that is easily absorbed by the body. It comes in easy-to-use, unit-dose cartridges that provide effective drug concentrations directly at the site of infection.

ARESTIN® microspheres release minocycline over time, and are completely reabsorbed into the body. 

When ARESTIN® is inserted, it immediately adheres to the periodontal pocket. Moisture in the patient's mouth begins to break down (hydrolyze) the polymer, causing water-filled channels to form inside the microspheres. This allows a controlled, sustained release of minocycline.

Treatment with ARESTIN® helps kill the bacteria that underlie periodontal disease, to create a healthier environment.